Would you meet the Queen without shining your shoes or offer a drink to a friend in a smeared glass?

Would you show off the silverware lacking its best burnish or send your child to her first school in a uniform that wasn’t pristine?

Of course you would not and so it is with words: the words that sell you, the copy that lures business and the text that wins coverage for your research or your cause.

I am a copywriter, proofreader and journalist and offer a complementary set of writing and proofreading skills. I write features, press releases, blogs, case studies and editorials. I proofread for businesses and academics.

I can write in the first person as you, or in the third person as a commentator or narrator. I can proofread on paper or on screen − whatever suits you best.

Whether written or proofread, the copy I provide will be engaging, professional and polished.

Have a look around and get in touch if I can help


Thanks very much for the article. It’s brilliant. I’ve had so much positive feedback.Jon Entwistle, Cycling Consultant.