Copywriting and proofreading to make your words shine.

Good copy draws interest, lures business and helps win support for your cause. A professional first impression means you stand out from the crowd.

But errors and inconsistencies trip readers up. It won’t be long before they go elsewhere.

I can help by:

  • proofreading your text, online or in print, be it business or legal materials, fiction or academic research
  • taking on your writing burden, or making your own copy sparkle
  • turning your expertise into prose that is accessible to all. 

Whether written or proofread, the copy I provide will be engaging and professional, and reflect the image you’d like to portray.


What is proofreading?

It’s making sure that your documents are right and look right.

That means spelling, grammar and punctuation checks, plus scrutiny of logic and layout, consistency and style.

It means dodging the snares of the spellchecker which will ignore words that are real words but not the word you wanted.

Proofreading your own writing is near impossible; fresh, experienced eyes are key.


What is copywriting?

Blogs, web content, features, reports, case studies, opinion pieces, press releases, brochures – in fact any form of written word.

It sits on your to-do list because there’s too little time and staff have other skills. Or someone has a go but it’s just not of the standard you’d like.

Let me bridge that gap.

Have a look around, read clients’ comments and get in touch if I can help. 


Thanks very much for the article. It’s brilliant. I’ve had so much positive feedback.” Jon Entwistle, Cycling Consultant