Hopes high for better rural access in Wales … cycling could soon be allowed on Welsh country footpaths, boosting incomes for local economies. Evans Cycles Blog

More bikes, fewer cars  London Mayor’s new ambitions … Sadiq Khan wants the capital to be a city of cycling and walking. Evans Cycles Blog

Sustrans marks birthday with ambitions for better routes for cyclists … the cycling and walking charity marks its 40th year with the promise of more traffic-free links and street redesigns that put people before cars. Evans Cycles Blog

Could the ‘toxin tax’ fund cycling? … campaigners call for polluter penalties in clean air zones and for the funds to be ring-fenced for no-emission transport. Evans Cycles Blog

Bike to work schemes a success  tax-free-bike initiatives offer cash and health benefits across Europe. Evans Cycles Blog

Minimum wage for women cyclists … salaries for female riders? Not any time soon, warns race organiser SweetSpot. Evans Cycles Blog

Cycle touring in the Canaries … Gran Canaria is a scenic and challenging option for cyclists looking to build up their fitness in early spring sunshine. Evans Cycles Blog

Motherhood and cycling – a perfect match … in time for International Women’s Day recent-mum Barbara Murray followed in illustrious footsteps in shrugging off childbirth to tackle one of our toughest mountain bike races. Evans Cycles Blog

Scotland’s Deeside could be a ‘mini-Holland’ … Jon Entwistle says north-east Scotland has the space, roads and countryside to be a cycling mecca. Evans Cycles Blog

Never too old to cycle … how Watford Cycle Hub is giving people the skills and confidence to become regular riders. Evans Cycles Blog

Cyclist Kajsa launches sweat pledge … world record breaker Kajsa Tylen is urging us all to do more exercise and step out of our comfort zones. Evans Cycles Blog

Inspired by Wiggins … amputee Kevin Brennan will battle inner demons when he attempts to set a daunting 12-hour record for the distance cycled in an outdoor velodrome. Evans Cycles Blog

Report highlights cycling’s cash worth … cycling and cycling industries are generating benefits worth nearly £450 bn across Europe, including £21 bn in the UK. Evans Cycles Blog

Guinness glory … Nottingham cyclist Kajsa Tylen has smashed the women’s record for distance cycled in a year. Evans Cycles Blog

On the bucket list … riding  from one coast to another is a must-do for many adventurous cyclists. The C2C across northern England is one of the most stunning and popular sea-to-sea routes. Evans Cycles Blog

Record beckons … Kajsa Tylen is on schedule to cycle further than any other female in a year. Evans Cycles Blog

The birds and the bees … Sustrans is helping wildlife by creating new habitats next to many of its most popular routes. Evans Cycles blog

‘It’s about taking risks’ … seven elite cyclists attempt a 36-hour, non-stop, Highland record to encourage others to make the most of their talents. Evans Cycles Blog

Beryl the Brilliant … dare we say that Beryl Burton is Britain’s greatest ever cyclist, female or male? If so, why is she such a secret? Evans Cycles Blog

Gold plated … female racing cyclists are finally being rewarded for their efforts, in Britain at least. Evans Cycles Blog

Jordan by bike … a small country with big appeal for adventurous on and offroad cyclists. Evans Cycles Blog

No brainer … more cycling could reap vast benefits and save huge amounts of money, a study suggests. The question is how to unlock that potential. Evans Cycles Blog

Pioneers … several women have been cycling legends, even as long ago as the 19th century. How many of those ground-breakers do we remember today. Evans Cycles Blog

Cycling heroes … among the benefits of working for Evans is the chance to race for the company team. Any cycling discipline counts. Evans Cycles Blog

Triumph and trepidation … stifling heat and the toughest route to date welcomed some of Europe’s top offroad cyclists to the week-long Transpyr mountain bike race across the Pyrenees. Here’s how two of them fared. Evans Cycles blog

Shu in … determined Shu Pillinger has become the first British woman to complete the daunting 3,000-mile Race Across America within the 12 day time limit. Evans Cycles Blog