If writing isn’t for you, why struggle when a professional copywriter can do the job instead?

I write web content, press releases, case studies, blogs and opinion pieces, all in the style of your choosing: ghostwriting as you in the first person, or in the third person as a commentator or narrator.

Web content is read very differently from text on paper. Online, we scan rather than read, and we lose interest quickly. First impressions are key. 

Press releases should be short, punchy and factual. They stimulate interest and can encourage follow up, by journalists, clients or supporters.

Blogs are less formal but must have a message. They boost your search engine ranking and can lure new business or funding.

Case studies are used to illustrate an experience – the consequences of a decision, the success of a policy (or not), how someone coped with a problem. They can back up a claim made in a newspaper feature; on a website, they might be a click-through piece linked to more general text. Universities use case studies as resources for students.

Check the links above to see my work in these areas and get in touch if you’d like help with those onerous writing duties.

Much impressed. I have been making a hash of things and your competence offers a shining example.Peter Fraser, OperaScotland.