Press releases

Press releases can be among the most difficult things to write.

There is so much to include but so little space in which to include it. At the same time, press releases are not the place for detail: broadly speaking, they deal in the general rather than the specific which can mean a difficult compromise, especially if you are an expert.

The purpose of a press releases is to push open a door – to persuade a journalist that its contents are worth covering. But while there is no guarantee that (almost) any release will be successful – even the best stories can be spiked if a major event intervenes – a well-crafted release can have a long lifespan, acting as a future resource even if it is ignored at the time.

I have written press releases for charities, authors, scientists and athletes, winning coverage in national and international media.

Get in touch if you would like help with press releases and follow these links for examples of press releases I have written.

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