Web content

Imagine that the horizontal line of this triangle is your first line of web content.

Fill the triangle with web copy; let it spill beyond the diagonal line.

Read everything within the triangle but ignore the rest.

That’s how we read online.


If I write your web content it won’t resemble text you see in print. 

It will be punchy and sharp, concise and engaging.

There won’t be big blocks of text to scare off readers. 

Instead, there’ll be sub-headings and images to break up the text that remains. 

And all the key details will be in the top few lines.

The best way to improve SEO is to write well, not overload copy with search terms. 

And remember:

  • When we look online we scan
  • When we scan our attention span is short
  • When key information is buried, chances are we won’t see it
  • When opening text grabs our attention, we read on.

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