Garden City Series

Ebenezer Howard - Garden City Collection

In early 2014, the Government announced that a new Garden City would be built in Ebbsfleet, Kent. This series, published in Smallholder, looks back on the Garden City and New Towns movement, and the new types of town it inspired.

Sir Ebenezer Howard


Letchworth 018 Spirella_buildingLandmark town … it may lack soul and industry but Letchworth, the first Garden City, set the high utopian standards to which the movement’s founder Sir Ebenezer Howard aspired.


Stevenage 037

A Stevenage 035Brave new world … derided by some but a ‘fantastic, fascinating place’ for others, Stevenage, the first New Town, offered a lifeline to Londoners whose homes were ravaged in World War II.


Fountain_2Barleycroft GreenIt should be listed … Tony Skottowe is proud of his home town Welwyn Garden City which has struck the balance between urban and rural that founder Sir Ebenezer Howard sought.


Garden suburbs

A planning blueprint … suburbia wasThe Moor Pool October 2008 - Rob Sutton anathema to Sir Ebenezer Howard but supporters of Garden Suburbs say they reflect his values and are a model for new developments.