Bridging fairytale and science … she was an amateur scientist ahead of her time. As Peter Rabbit, Jeremy Fisher and Tom Kitten were becoming household names, Beatrix Potter was making groundbreaking discoveries about fungi which are only today being recognised. Smallholder

Beetlemania … scientist Darren Mann explains his affection for dung beetles, one of the world’s best recyclers. When we Brits took cattle to Australia, it was dung beetles that dealt with the poo. The Countryman

Beatrix Potter – scientist? the legendary author was ahead of her time not only for her stunning picture books but for her unrivalled but unrecognised scientific discoveries. Suffolk & Norfolk Magazine

Nanotechnology helped scientists construct the world’s first life-saving windpipe, saving the life of a cancer sufferer. Smart glass, which controls heat, light and even cleans itself, has also been made using this micro-technology. the Guardian

Back from the brink … cheap and simple on-board deterrents can significantly reduce marine by-catch, helping to tackle the rapid decline of the magnificent albatross. Bird Watching Magazine


Science blogs for the University of Oxford:

Do ticks make us poor? … scientists link poverty with tick-borne disease.

Pedal power … an Everest trek helps scientists study heart failure.

Powered by lithium … one of the world’s most popular rechargeable batteries was invented 30 years ago.

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