The proofreading process

At the outset I will ask for a sample of your text. Then I can judge how much (or how little) proofreading work is needed and the time it should take.

I can proofread on paper, blind or against copy, and on screen using Track Changes in Word or mark-up and comment tools in PDFs.

On paper, I will return your text with alterations and suggestions highlighted using British Standards Institution proof correction symbols or using another agreed method.

Using Track Changes, I will return your document with corrections and suggestions highlighted on screen.

If your document is a PDF, I will return it with corrections and suggestions shown in a comment side-bar.

In addition, with each proofreading method I will provide a document-specific Style Sheet covering, for example, alternative spellings, punctuation choices, layout improvements and how numbers are used.

You can find out more or get a quote for your proofreading project here.ptc-logo_blue-small