“When I needed the help and expertise of a professional proofreader to polish a screenplay I had written, I was lucky enough to come across Cath Harris. Apart from her vast experience and professionalism, I also found Cath to be very approachable and easy to make contact with. I can’t speak highly enough of this lady because I know what hard work I could be at times but she always delivered when she said she would. Many Thanks.” Rob Selby, film screenplay writer

“Cath was extremely helpful and was able to polish my book, picking up things I had missed time and time again. I found Cath to be extremely reliable to work with, completing the work in the time I had requested. I have already recommended her services to others. Thank you, Cath!” Laki Khan, author of Until We Meet Again in Jannah

“Cath has done great work helping with writing and proofreading of press releases and marketing materials for the SfEP. I’ve always found her very reliable and she delivers on time.” Margaret Hunter, Marketing Director, Society for Editors and Proofreaders

“Having gone through an extensive two-stage edit for an ESL client, I felt the book needed a fresh set of eyes for a proofread. Cath was thorough and her work detailed and painstaking. She picked up on very specific points and gave new insight to some particularly sticky sentences. Highly recommended!”
Lesley Jones, copy-editor, Perfect the Word

“Much impressed. I have been making a hash of things and your competence offers a shining example.” Peter Fraser, OperaScotland


“Cath is perhaps the most painstaking and brilliant copy-editor I have worked with.” Dr Chuks Okereke, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford


“Cath is an outstanding copy-editor. She turned my rough draft into a clean, readable text. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an editor for an academic book, short article or long form essay.”  Tarila Marclint Ebiede, PhD Candidate, University of Leuven

“Cath has a terrific talent for writing with the voice of an organisation and individual, turning complex and dense research into accessible news on an amazing breadth of areas in no time at all. She has quiet calm, perspicacity and persistence, along with the ability to balance care for the world and people around her with objectivity — which I suspect she could maintain even in a tornado. She also has the ability to spot 100% of mistakes in text which must be both a gift and a curse.” Sally Amberton, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Cath provided a swift, professional and friendly service for when we relaunched the Garden City Runners website. She has great attention to detail and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again should the opportunity arise. It was so helpful to have a pro cast their eye over what we had cobbled together — thank you very much indeed. “ Brad Smith, Chairman, Garden City Runners

“As a regular contributor to the Evans Cycles Coffee Stop blog, Cath is a delight to work with. Not only does her work illustrate her excellent research skills, her delivery and attention to detail are also outstanding. Over the past 18 months, Cath has demonstrated her ability to translate a huge variety of briefs into engaging articles. Yet she has also continuously shown her own initiative and creativity in coming up with new and exciting topics. Whether it’s sharing her experience of a personal cycling trip in Jordan, reporting on the Evans Cycles race team or celebrating the achievements of remarkable women within the sport, Cath manages to meet (and exceed) expectations in her content creation.” Magdalena Schoerner, Social Media and Content Editor at Evans Cycles (UK)

“Cath is an excellent writer who works quickly to high quality standards. She not only delivers her work ahead of schedule and in excellent condition but is also open to further editing requests.” Dr Bettina Wittneben, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford

“Cath has the ability to understand your words and turn them into something really special. Her understanding of the sport I love seemed to bring the article to life. I have been remarkably proud to share my story with other people, who have found it inspiring, largely thanks to Cath’s excellent writing.” David Wright, triathlete

“Cath wrote a super article in The Countryman about the work of the Trust and has very good conservation knowledge. Her writing is both intelligent and insightful.” Chrissie Kelly, Pensthorpe Conservation Trust 

“I was initially reluctant to have an article written about my career as a professional stunt performer, but with her professionalism, integrity and professional writing style, Cath created an honest, accurate and articulate account of my work, and a finished article of which I am truly proud.” Belinda McGinley, professional stunt performer

“Cath wrote a press release for my new Hello Trees books and helped me put together a list of influential people to whom to send the release. I have sold more of my books as a direct result of Cath’s press release than through any of the other marketing initiatives I have implemented since. I came to know of Cath’s skill with words when she wrote a charming article about my books in Herts Countryside magazine. She wrote precisely the right thing for that publication. I am most grateful to Cath and have no hesitation in recommending her talent for knowing how to put into words exactly what is needed for the target audience.” Kate Bretherton, author, Hello Trees

“Cath has a seldom equalled ability to turn complex and scientific areas of work into accessible and newsworthy stories that generate acres of media coverage. She understands the media generally, and journalists’ requirements specifically, and uses this knowledge to constantly root out new press opportunities for organisations. She’s a diligent worker who can be trusted to deliver exactly what she says she will.” Ciaran Nelson, Media Manager, RSPB